All about blood cells, blood cell requires 60 seconds to circluate in your body

blood cell circulate in one minute to delivery oxygen and release CO2

Heart is the most powerful pump circulating blood in just 60 seconds

The process of making blood cells is called hematopoiesis. Blood cells are made in the bone marrow. That’s a spongy tissue located inside some bones. It contains young parent cells called stem cells. These blood-forming stem cells can grow into all 3 types of blood cells – red cells, white cells, and platelets. These blood-forming stem cells make copies of themselves, and they also produce mature blood cells. When blood cells are fully mature and functional, they leave the bone marrow and enter the blood. Healthy people have enough stem cells to keep making all the blood cells they need every day.

When the bone marrow fails to keep up with the body‘s needs and doesn’t produce enough red cells, white cells or platelets, or when those blood cells that are produced are damaged or defective, you have bone marrow failure. Aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) are bone marrow failure diseases.

You have about 5 liters of blood in your body (at least most people do) and the average heart pumps about 70 ml of blood out with each beat. Also, a healthy heart beats around 70 times a minute. So, if you multiply the amount of blood that the heart can pump by the number of beats in a minute, you actually get about 4.9 liters of blood, which is almost your whole body’s worth of blood. In just a minute, the hearts pumps the entire blood volume around your body

blood cell

Blood cells are of two type in our body

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Platelets (also known as Thrombocyte )

Red blood cells or erythrocytes, primarily carry oxygen and collect carbon dioxide through the use of hemoglobin, and have a lifetime of about 120 days. In the process of being formed, they go through a unipotent stem cell stage. They have the job alongside the white blood cells of protecting the healthy cells.Aside from being a transport molecule, is a pigment. It gives the cells their red color (and their name).

The abbreviation for red blood cells is RBCs. Red blood cells are sometimes simply called red cells. They are also called erythrocytes or, rarely today, red blood corpuscles.

Red blood cells-min

Low Red Blood Cell Count

A low red blood cell count is called anemia. If you have a low red blood cell count, you may:

  • Feel a little tired or very tired.
  • Feel less alert or have trouble concentrating.
  • Have a loss of appetite or lose weight.
  • Have paler-than-normal skin.
  • Have trouble breathing.
  • Have rapid heartbeat.
  • Have reduced ability to exercise or climb stairs.

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