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As per research most people live their daily routine, again and again, everyday without learning anything new, There is very good saying “if you have never done a mistake, you have never tried anything new” on the other hand we know you didn’t get enough time to catch up stuff happening overnight on the internet.

We have a simple motto “Start Fresh, learn every day”. No one is complete neither we are Cipherfacts is unique in its idea of gathering interesting stuff for you scattered all over the internet.
Every day is unique for us we learn new stuff research and publish on our website related to (Science, Technology, Viral Videos, Facts, Funny, gaming news, Photography and Hacking news), we are the only one having all the stuff on one website.
You will not be needed to visit different websites to get something matching your interest and mode. We got your covered with viral stories on the internet.We love to hear your feedback if any category we could add.

We wish you Good day.