This $5 hacking tool it can even compromise a locked (password-protected) computer.


This $5 hacking tool is called Poison Tap — It’s so sophisticated that it can even compromise a locked (password-protected) computer.

Security breaches are getting worse & worse and interest in hacking other’s information is a boiling topic. Everyday there are different tools availble to acheive the task very famous is (KALI LiNUX) it’s in built with more than 100+ tools to crack down the network.

And on top of it it’s free.

Poison TAP Essentially, the device works by loading itself onto the victim’s computer. The computer recognizes the device as an Ethernet Device. As such, the device takes over the entire IPv4 address space leading all the network traffic of victim to be routed through Poison Tap.

This means the traffic is not able to reach the actual gateway and instead uses the device to do so. This leads the attacker to access HTTP cookies and bypass any security.

After gaining access to these cookies, the attacker can even remove the device and still have access to the victim’s computer remotely.

PoisonTap evades the following security mechanisms:

  • Password Protected Lock Screens
  • Routing Table priority and network interface Service Order
  • Same-Origin Policy
  • X-Frame-Options
  • HttpOnly Cookies
  • SameSite cookie attribute
  • Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)
  • DNS Pinning
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • HTTPS cookie protection when Secure cookie flag & HSTS not enabled

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