5 best Pokemon MAPS still working after Pokemon GO closed major third parties maps

5 best Pokemon GO maps to find rare pokemon-min

5 Best Pokemon MAPS still working even after Pokemon GO upgrade. Try Now before any other upgrade

its not along time since Pokemon GO recent upgrade caused to shutdown all the major map services like PREVISION and other third party services. it also caused all the Pokemon account Sellers to earn alot of profit, it was a bad news for newbies as it got hard catching pokemon due to no tracking system involved.

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But there is a good news for you, We have collected 5 best maps for you where you can find Pokemon nearby you and still working maps.

#5 Gota Catch Them All (you will love it if you lived in Boston)

gotta catch them all-min

Yeah…that’s the lame part.

It’s a pretty simple, clean, and apparently verified system… that only exists in Boston. But, the silver lining here is that they started with something they can manage, and they’ll expand as time goes on.

Essentially, Gotta Catch’em All is just a public Google map, but submissions aren’t public. Someone is verifying the information, putting icons on the map, and then they’re sorted by how rare they are. So the good news is you don’t have to dig through Pidgeys if you don’t want to.

If this picks up, I can see how it could be a relatively simple way to track Pokémon locations with something you can save to your phone without churning through double-data while you’re out on the hunt.

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