10 Most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon GO game, Rule the Gym like Boss

most powerful pokemon in pokemon go game

Interested in High power Pokemon and want to rule the GYM but do not know which one is more powerful? Try our list

You need a lot of power to maintain Gym. We have gathered top 10 most powerful Pokemon in the game that can lead you to the top where you always wanted to be.

This data is gathered from database of Pokemon Go Game so you can trust the power of each one.

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10 & 9. Charizard and Muk

powerful pokemon in pokemon go-min
Max CP: 2,602
Muk is a Poison type Pokémon, is the final evolution of Grimer, and has a lot of great defensive skills with a 188 defense and 210 stamina. Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, and Poison types are not very effective against these from a defensive standpoint. From an offensive standpoint, Muk is really only good against Fairy and Grass types, with a 180 offense, so it’s best to just keep this one in the gym to drain your opponent’s CP.

Charizard can either be a Fire or Flying type and is the final evolution of Charmander, quite possibly the cutest Pokémon EVER! Its Fire offensive moves are effective against Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel types. Its Fire defensive mode is very good when being attacked by Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Steel.

The Fire type is definitely the most desirable evolution of Charizard, because its Flying offensive mode is only good against Bug, Fighting, and Grass, and its Flying defensive mode only really stops Bug, Fighting, Grass, and Ground.

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