During his lifetime Graf Zappelin could have flown to moon and back to earth twice


First commercial passenger transatlantic flight service in the world. Flown 1.7 Million kilometers

When the hydrogen-filled LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin entered commercial service in 1928, it was the first commercial passenger transatlantic flight service in the world. During its lifetime, the airship made 590 flights flying more than 1.7 million kilometers (over 1.05 million miles). The average distance from the moon to Earth is 384,400 kilometers (238,855 miles). If the Graf Zeppelin was able to fly in space, it could have made more than 2 round trips to the moon and back!

it was having maximum speed of 127 km/hr. there is no wonder why we obsolete it. Today planes are capable to fly above 900 km/hr.

You are lucky to live in the world of technology. but completing 1.7 Million km is awesome number.


source: IEEE,wikipedia

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Written by Lauren Brien

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