Search your email id if it’s part of breached and Hacked Databases- Change password now where you can search your email id in leaked databases-min

Search Your email in the leaked Databases, if you found your email in this database change your password now as it is already compromised.

It’s very hard to keep track of lost email ID or password. Most of the users keep using the same password over and over again on different website sign up or subscribe, which make it vulnerable to major threats online.

Let’s accept this we cannot remember all the username & password we used over different websites. Everyone have a different opinion. The major problem is we keep same passwords across the internet.

Every day there are Millions of hacked database even from biggest giant from industry for example (Yahoo,Hotmail,Adobe,Linkedin,Dailymotion much more).

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Search email in Comprosied Database-min

one of my very old email when I was a kid I used that and I found that in 5 breached databases. You cannot ever trust anyone.

Search email in compromised database1-min

This tool has given me visibility immediately what I should do with my accounts. Definitely close it, because most users keep password’s same for all their logins and this is the key for them.

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